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Carbotec-DLC/DLN - coatings

…the smooth difference

Who is Carbotec?

  • Company founded 11/2015 by
    • Paul Stumpf : Owner / General Manager company P.O.S.
    • Marc Sercu : Owner / General Manager company Nano4S
    • Dan Schumacher : General Manager company P.O.S.
  • Development & construction of own PACVD DLC/DLN deposition and de-coating vacuum furnaces – start of production: 03/2017
  • Production in cleanroom in separated operating room inside the company P.O.S. Plasma Oberflächen Service GmbH
  • Technical sales, order processing, goods receipt & dispatch, quality control, surface preparation etc. by experienced employees of P.O.S.
  • Carbotec is not a subsidiary company of P.O.S. – legally separated and independent companies


There is a huge number of DLC coatings with different properties and for different applications:
  • Reduction of friction
  • Corrosion protection
  • Milling of graphite and reinforced  composites
  • Nonferrous metal forming
  • Grease free production with plastic injection molds

We chose the most applicable DLC coating for your application.

Not always „Harder“ = „better“!

Carbotec coating process

  • Process fully automated and remotely accessible via TeamViewer
    • Operator doesn’t has to be on-site to supervise process
  • Process log-data stored for every single batch


  • Carbotec DLC/DLN coatings are resistant to chemicals and have an amorphous structure: Plasma technology needed for de-coating.
  • De-coating capacity: At multi-cavity tools it can become an issue to de-coat a lot of parts in a short period of time.
  • Carbotec de-coater is build in same size as DLC-coater to enable quick de-coating of multiple mold parts

The de-coating of carbon based coatings is difficult and imbedding the risk of over etching the surfaces. Carbotec has significantly improved this technic.

De-coating quality “past”
De-coating quality “Carbotec”

What is Carbotec DLC/DLN?

  • DLC-coatings (a-C:H) : Diamond Like Carbon
  • DLN-coatings (a-C:H:X) : Diamond Like Nanocomposite (doped DLC-coating)
  • Due to embedding additional elements further reduction of friction and sticking:  
    • DLN LF (Low Friction) : Reduction of friction down to 0,05 (vs 100Cr6)
    • DLN LS (Low Sticking) : Reduction of sticking / wettability
  • DLC-coatings combinable with DLN-coatings – Example:
    • DLC/DLN LF for thread cores
    • DLC/DLN LS for blow molds
  • Coating stack: pure-Titan PVD-primer 0.2-0.4µm followed by an amorphous DLC respectively DLN coating up to the coating surface
  • Clean room production – therefore reduced amount of dust defects
Clean room production

Properties Carbotec DLC/DLN

  • No breaking-in characteristic (no wear debris)
  • Grease free usage of coated components (considering the application conditions: friction partner,
  • roughness, hardness basis material….)
  • Extremely reduced surface tension (Teflon 18mN/m – DLN LS 23mN/m)
  • Corrosion protection (with limitations: defects, roughness…)
  • Chemical inert – resistant vs acids, leaches…)  
  • No roughness increase due to DLC/DLN coating!
  • Biocompatible
  • Electric insulating
  • Damage free de-coating
  • Precise partial coating possible

Coating adhesion  

measured with Rc indent 150kg

Ti-DLC Butan
Ti-DLN-DLC Toluol:

Coating stack

Calo-grinding of a Carbotec DLC / DLN LS coating

  1. 0.3µm – Ti-adhesion layer
  2. 0.9µm – DLN transition layer
  3. 1.9µm – DLC layer
  4. 2.6µm – DLN LS layer

Coating structure (…the smooth difference)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) pictures of coating fracture


Carbotec DLC – SEM 5.000-fold
Competitor DLC – SEM 5.000-fold
Carbotec DLC – SEM 10.000-fold
Competitor DLC – SEM 10.000-fold

Coating friction

Ball-on-Disc test to evaluate coefficient of friction (COF)

  • Coating type:  Carbotec DLC
  • Coating type: Carbotec DLC/DLN LF


  • PVD / PACVD set-up:
    • PVD magnetron sputter for applying adhesion layer
    • PACVD process to deposit DLN or/and DLC coatings using 4 different gases/liquids to allow homogeneous coating spread on wide scale substrate geometries
  • PACVD filament technology: 4 filament positioned in different heights at chamber wall to ionize carbon gases relates to
    • Higher process safety at filament fracture
    • Improved coating spread even though loading height of 1.000 mm!
DLC Coater

Potential applications

  • Plastic injection molding
    • Ejector /-sleeves
    • Thread cores
    • Mold inserts / cores
    • Sliders
  • Metering pumps
  • Blow molds
  • Nonferrous metal forming
  • Mechanical engineering (shafts, cranks, pistons…)
  • Sinter tools (Powder pressing)
  • Food processing
  • Engine- and Valve-Train-components (pistons, tappets…)
  • In combination with Fortis-diffusion excellent cold welding protection for many other applications

Carbotec DLC/DLC Data

Hardness HV0.05 3.000 HV 1.300 HV 1.800 HV 3.000 HV 3.000 HV
Friction (vs. 100Cr6) 0.1-0.15 0.15 0.03-0.05 0.15 0.03-0.05
Thickness 2-3µm 2-3µm 2-3µm 2-3µm 2-3µm
Prozesstemperature 200°C 200°C 200°C 200°C 200°C
Applicationtemperature 300°C 400°C 400°C 300°C 300°C
Colour black black black black black

Max substrate size: D 750 * 1.000mm
Max substrate weight: 500kg

Coating certificates

Coating certificates

  • Cytotoxic investigation related to FDA demands
  • Harmlessness authentication for utilization of Carbotec coatings to be used in food applications or even implants


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